A Tabebuia Rosea tree in full bloom.

Image Credit: flowersofindia.net













*Dedicated to the long line of Tabebuia Rosea trees along the Eastern Express Highway in Mumbai, that bloom in the Indian Spring.* 

Spring: Chaitra 

Don’t sit in my head and smile at me

through faux cherry blossoms

(Yes, I know they’re called Tabebuia Rosea; must you be so unromantic?)

Tell me

That the letter I wrote as a sixteen something

still sits tearing at each of the countless folds

in the coin compartment

of your purse

among loose change.

Spent as it is; and yet, of new denomination.


Summer: Vaishakh

I watched the faux cherry blossoms fall.

I watched them drop

Tired and hopeless,

their once blushing pink now a pale white.

Like the skin of an anemic old woman

Living alone

In her own memories

Bereft of the comfort of her imagination.

The tender new leaves a disappointing reminder

Of life ahead.