First, a big, big thank you to everyone that’s subscribed to our YouTube channel and offered us help, advice, props, ideas, and humour. What started as a fun little afternoon between a food-obsessed sister and a camera-obsessed brother has now evolved into something so loved and appreciated by a large community, and we are grateful for your participation.

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking us to put up easy, everyday recipes that use easily available ingredients, uncomplicated techniques, and are quick to do on weekdays. We’ve spent some time shooting these and thought this was the right time to launch a new series on the My Jhola YouTube channel. So, here’s introducing Everyday Gourmet! The format is still the same–no unnecessary talking on the other side of the table, just a celebration of colour, texture, and above all, the sensuality of food. The recipes are straightforward–I won’t bother you with written recipes, even. Take a look at the first of the series–Cinnamon French Toast–and tell us what you think!


We will be much, much more regular with posting the Everyday Gourmet recipes, so if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, do it now! As usual, looking forward to your ideas and suggestions via comments here or email.