Ever since this little thing came out of the oven, I have been dreaming of practicing things from this baker superwoman’s blog. One of the simplest things she has up there are these cake balls. There’s nothing to it except a little imagination, and people are wow-ed by the professional-looking presentation.

All I did was crumble a moist chocolate cake (so I did not have to add any frosting/icing to bind the balls together), shape it into balls, chill them until they were firm, and dunk them in melted dark chocolate. A few colorful sprinkles later, they were all ready to sit pretty in cupcake cases, and wait to be picked. The crunch of the outer layer of chocolate and the soft mushiness of the moist cake inside make for a very interesting medley of textures. You might want to sprinkle with praline powder or stuff with Nutties for variety. Or smear with white chocolate while the dark chocolate is still wet to get a marbled effect.

Definitely something to put on the menu for one of Avanee’s many, many birthday parties!