Last weekend, MK and I took a whirlwind trip to Kolhapur and back—this historic city seems to grow on us every year. There’s not much to say about it except for the fact that we went, we prayed, we saw, we ate, and we slept. And how.

That’s how:

Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur
Temple art, Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur
Flower market, Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur
Faith on sale, Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur
Lotuses, Flower market, Mahalaxmi
Kewra, Flower market, Mahalaxmi
Mini Chappals, Chappal Lane (yes, would you believe it?), Kolhapur
Glass Bangles, Kolhapur
Turmeric and Vermillion, and everything in between; Kolhapur
Opal restaurant’s famous taambda rassa (hot red curry), paandhra rassa (spiced, fragrant, white curry), chicken masala, and lamb with jwarichi bhakri (peasant style pearl millet bread); Kolhapur. Sin
The Namesake: Shady soda brand with one’s own sophisticated name; refreshments stall, Kolhapur
Fried and puffed: Bhel ingredients, Rankala Lake, Kolhapur
Not really bhel: with red chili powder, a green chili, and myriad “farsaan,” a concoction of pure excitement; Rankala Lake, Kolhapur.
Pinwheel seller, Rankala lake, Kolhapur.
Sigh. Why did it get over so soon?