Ginger, Lime, and Meringue Tart

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’d know that I don’t do too many (if at all) promotions. I’m making an exception this time, though. I’ve often complained about not finding enough baking products in our supermarkets or about the quality of the products one does find at baking supplies stores. I attended a product familiarisation at APB Cook Studio some months ago, and let’s just say I thought my readers should know about the product.

We tried three products that day: the baking parchment, the frying pan foil, and the cling wrap. My first reaction to all three was that the product design really facilitates for easy tearing off. Most often, we struggle with tearing off all of these products, and that is just the beginning of the frustration. The Asahi Kasei products eliminated that accidental blade cut and cling-wrap-sticking-to-itself-problem right there.

For the familiarisation, we were asked to use the products in making recipes of our choice. I made a simple Ginger, Lime, and Meringue Tart. I used the baking parchment to line the baking trays and pipe my meringue kisses on and was pleasantly surprised to find that the baked meringues did not cling annoyingly to the parchment after baking. They slid right off, preserving the shape and structure of the kisses without collapsing. The parchment could have been used a couple more times again because it still had some lubrication left on it and it didn’t go brittle and brown in the oven like most other parchments do.

I also used the cling wrap to wrap the tart case as it sat in the refrigerator before being filled. I found the cling wrap easy to use (it stuck to itself when I needed it to!) and it was quite odour-proof. Despite sitting the refrigerator along with raw onions, garlic, and other strong smells, the tart case didn’t absorb any of them and tasted as fresh as it should have.

My fellow participants used the frying pan foil for everything ranging from slow roasting potatoes to cooking parathas and uttapam, and we were all universally surprised to see how little oil each of these activities required. As a baking enthusiast, all three products appeal to me greatly and I have realised that they make baking/coking largely fuss-free. I’m not sure if I’ll use the frying pan foil a lot because I prefer to use my seasoned pots and pans and am skeptical about the carbon footprint I will leave behind if I chuck out sheets of foil for something as basic as frying an egg, but that’s just me. If you have restrictions on how much oil you must consume, the frying pan foil would work great for you.

For now, here’s the recipe for the Ginger, Lime, and Meringue Tart.

I used a layer of dark chocolate ganache on the inside of the tart because I ran out of lime curd at the last minute (some of us were happily licking it off straight from the bottle!) and while the original recipe does not ask for the ganache, I must say it was rather well-received.


Blending into the table decor!

Ginger, Lime, and Meringue Tart

Ingredients for lime curd:

  • 150 gms. butter
  • 300 gms. caster sugar
  • 6 Indian limes, zest grated and juiced
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 egg yolks

Ingredients for Ginger Pastry:

  • 25 Ginger biscuits
  • 100 grams butter

Ingredients for Meringue:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 225 grams caster sugar

Ingredients for Garnish:

  • Candied Ginger
  • Fresh lemons
  • Fresh mint sprigs


  1. To make the crust, pass the biscuits through a food processor. Add melted butter until the mixture comes together like wet sand.
  2. Line an 8-inch quiche tin with the biscuit mixture. Cover with cling wrap and leave to set in the refrigerator.
  3. To make the lime curd, place the butter, sugar, lime zest, and lime juice in a thick-bottomed saucepan and stir continuously over low heat until the butter has melted. Take the saucepan off the heat.
  4. Beat the eggs and egg yolk thoroughly in a separate bowl.
  5. Add the beaten eggs to the butter mixture and whisk to combine.
  6. Return to low heat and whisk continuously until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Cool in the freezer for half an hour and then transfer to the fridge.
  7. To make the meringue, place the egg whites in a clean and dry bowl of the stand mixer or a metal own you can whisk into. Whisk at full speed until you get soft peaks. Add the sugar and whisk again at full speed for 4-5 minutes or until you get stiff peaks.
  8. Pipe the meringue into miscellaneous shapes on the baking parchment. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees centigrade for about 10-12 minutes until firm. Remove and cool completely.
  9. To assemble, fill the set crust with the lemon curd. Arrange the cooled meringue on top in a pattern of your choice. Arrange candied ginger around the meringues. Sprinkle freshly grated lime and lemon zest on top and finish with mint. Demould the tart and serve immediately.

A cheesy picture of me holding the tart–credit to Rushina!

Note: All images of the tart are courtesy APB Cook Studio. This event was hosted by APB Cook Studio and Asahi Kasei.  Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil, Cooking Sheet, and Plastic Wrap are available at Godrej Nature’s Basket, HyperCity and other stores.