I just realized I hadn’t put up any pictures from Avanee’s first birthday. Considering I write a food blog, it’s quite a shame I don’ have pictures of the cakes I made, don’t you think?

I made three kinds– vanilla bean cupcakes with pink-tinted cream cheese frosting, vanilla and Nutella cake covered with fondant and decorated with fondant flowers, and a Black Forest Gateaux (ofย  which I have no stand-alone pictures). The cupcakes were a hit with the kids, and although the fondant covered cake was unintentionally topsy-turvy, it was received well. I hated the sweeeeeeet fondant, though. It was my first time with this material, and it was great fun to work with, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. The Black Forest is always a hit, so there’s not much to say about that one.

I’ll leave you with these pictures from the party while I go come to terms with the fact that it’s over a year since Avanee was born. Sigh.

Note: All pictures are courtesy my friend, Sonal Vaz.