Writing a book is a long, laborious and very deeply isolated exercise. I have been at it for a while now (and that’s an understatement) and even after submitting the manuscript, I was in a will it-won’t it stage despite my kind editor continuously reassuring me. But you know me—I am the nervous kind and I won’t believe anything unless it actually happens.

And happen, it did. This past Saturday, at my friend Rushina’s annual Women’s Day tea party (#APerfectParTea), the cover of my first commissioned book was unveiled. Chef Ranveer Brar did the honors and my friends cheered and whistled. M, never one to accompany me to food events where he feels out of place, was sitting in the farthest corner, and from what my friends tell me, he was wearing his “proud husband” smile.

I took a deep breath and read out two excerpts from the book—yes, it’s not just a cookbook—it’s got a bit of technical gyaan, lots of narratives on my memories with bread and snippets from the baking course I took in college. I could see people nodding in agreement as I talked about what turns out to be a collective memory of bread. Someone told me they had gooseflesh. Someone else came and said they’d buy the book just for the cover because it made them hungry. I was beaming—it’s happening, after all!

There were fairly lights everywhere—in the Craft Deli, the venue of the party—and in my heart.

Starting today, the book will be available on preorder on Amazon and around mid-April, it will be out in the market. Here’s a sneak peek!: